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I’m not entirely sure what classifies a “sundress” per se, but adjectives such as fluid, lightweight, and (sun-kissed) skin-showing come to mind. Like this flouncy frock I’m wearing… on a dock… in front of a “pirate” ship. Love the back. Love the splatter print.



Otis & Maclain Dress via Penelope T, J.Crew Braided Belt, vintage necklace, various bracelets, random wood cuff, Roberto Cavalli Slingbacks (old), Proenza Schouler for Target iPad case (or clutch), Ray Ban Aviators (similar, and my next pair)

Note: I was initially apprehensive about seeing Warm Bodies, but it was actually quite good, and the soundtrack is pretty great. Unfortunately, an official soundtrack does not exist, so I made my own (Google + iTunes).

Bird is the Werrrd

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  1. birds3

Random Avian Printed Dress, H&M Jacket (old), Tory Burch Clutch, Vintage Coral & Wood Necklace, David Yurman Cocktail Ring, Prada Sunglasses, Shoemint Romy Heels, MAC’s “Ruby Woo” Lipstick, Nails: OPI “Cajun Shrimp,” Toes: Essie “Butler Please”

Bidding Winter Adieu

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I love spring, I do, but spring leads to summer, and FLA summers are far too long. The fact that I am seven hours closer to the equator means that it’s going to last even longer than what I am accustomed to. Perhaps I’ll apply to PhD programs in Siberia, or the Yukon. ;-)



I had a feeling that the day these pix were snapped would be the last day for me to don heavy layers, so I went a bit overboard with my reworked 40’s swing coat, and my vintage mink caplet (it belonged to my beloved grandmother, Willie).


Vintage Coat via Golyester, Vintage Caplet, Nieman Marcus Private Label Turtleneck, Thrifted Shorts, American Apparel Sheer Luxe Pantyhose, David Yurman Bracelet & Cocktail Ring, Vintage Chanel Charm Bracelet, VC Signature Shoes, Ray Ban Meteor Sunglasses, MAC’s Girl About Town Lipstick



Note: I completely forgot purchasing these American Apparel tights last fall, and when I opened the plastic wrapper, I was surprised (in a good way) to find tiny hearts, and not sheer “spirals“… that is what the label misread after all.


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Here’s my attempt at recreating this NYFW look. I told ya I had the key ingredients (chiffon blouse & cozy sweater).



As you can see, I paired my double mint layers with white jeans. I cannot remember the last time I owned white denim. These J. Crew skinnies fit like a glove. I bought them a size larger than I normally wear FYI. Something about too tight white recalls serious fashion faux pas.


BCBG Kayne Sweater (on sale), H&M Blouse, J.Crew Matchstick Denim, Vintage Chanel Necklace via Plum Delightful, Michael Kors Tote (similar), Shoemint Garbo Heels, & Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses (similar)


Note: I don’t like the antiquated “no white before Easter” rule, and I have delayed wearing my super sexy Garbo heels for long enough. They were dying for a debut. Although no shoe is comfortable right now, as I have a nasty little bugger called a neuroma living in my foot (he’ll be dead, or removed soon), these feel pretty good… for stilettos.

I Love It

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You’re on a different road, I’m in the milky way, you want me down on earth, but I am up in space, you’re so damn hard to please, we gotta kill this switch, you’re from the 70′s, but I’m a 90′s b*tch… I. Don’t. Care. I love it…”— Icona Pop



Bold Lips (MAC’s Diva) + Smoky Eyes
Not a cosmetic combo I usually sport.


Forever 21 Colorblocked Faux Leather Moto Jacket, Forever 21 Nirvana Tee, MiH Marrakesh Jeans, J.Crew Belt, Shoemint Sophia Platforms, Vintage Chanel Necklace, David Yurman Cocktail Ring


Pardon the goofiness please. I was prepping for a night out, and dancing while doing it. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post. School has been cray, cray, but that is not what has kept me from sharing my outfits with you. It was my hair. As evidenced in these shots, I had ZERO dimension, and an indescribable color (mum said I looked like an apricot poodle; she’s been watching Duck Dynasty, and Si recently bought one). Needless to say, I was hating my tresses, and I didn’t have time to do anything about it until yesterday! Thanks to Katy at Hue Salon, I am gloriously blonde again. Yay!


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Actually, “transitioning” isn’t the best word choice since I live in Central Florida. However, “crossing my fingers for one more ‘cold’ snap” seemed rather extraneous for a blog post title.

Climate aside, I have been inspired by the following looks, and I plan to emulate them (in some way) before spring’s official arrival next month.


A mint green sweater layered over a mint green blouse, don’t mind if I do. I have the key ingredients btdubs.


Leave it to TTH. She’s made grunge look tres, tres chic! I don’t currently own an oversized flannel shirt, but I will.


Moto Jacket + Scarf (tied bandit style)


Green utility jacket = one of my best 2012 purchases. I’d like to try the denim jacket, white shirt, baseball cap look first, but I may end up pulling a Jenna, and rocking some shiny, textured pants with glasses, and a ponytail first.

TGIF! It has been a long, long week ladies (+ gents).

Images c/o vogue.com & jak + jil

(during New York Fashion Week; Fall 2013 shows) #nyfw


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Note: this is my first Valentine’s Day as a singleton in MANY years. I’ve gotta say, it’s not too bad. Of course, I haven’t really left mi casa (rain, sinus congestion, tons of school work), or trolled FB, but still. Dad sent a divine flower arrangement to mum, who came down for a visit, and I’ve gotten several funny messages from the besties. :-)


J.Crew Sweater (2011), Gap Always Skinny Jeans, J.Crew Neon Fringed Necklace, Mimi by Sorrelli Cuff, Michael Kors Tote, Steve Madden Loafers, & Sama Glasses

*** I cannot seem to locate my camera’s battery charger, it’s dead, and I have not been able to purchase a new one, hence, the lack of posts. My number one goal this weekend is to find one, so I can begin sharing my “professional looks” with ya (started my first classroom observation this week!) ***


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Rag & Bone Blazer (similar), Topshop Kimono Top, Ecote Velvet & Chiffon Burnout Tee via UO, AG Legging Jeans, Steven Boots (similar), J.Crew Necklace, one-of-a-kind cuff, Michael Kors Tote



As much as I adore my bangs and shorter do, I have not been able to do much in the way of styling. This was my first successful curling attempt. How did I achieve said curls, you might ask. Well, I blow-dried my bangs first, and then let the rest of my tresses air dry. Then, I used some of Oribe’s dry texturizing spray (all over). After that, I piled half my hair on top of my head, using a clip, and went to town with a newly acquired spiral curling iron. I used one inch segments (minus a few un-cooperative strands), and worked my way all around, then repeated the process with the remainder of my hair. Finally, I brushed out the Shirley Temple curls with a paddle brush, and used a bit of hairspray (for volume). Viola!


My lovely friend Alli snapped these pix (via iPhone) after a cheese & wine tasting last weekend. In honor of the Super Bowl, the guys at Cheese Please made a “manly” selection. Per usual, I liked the Manchego best, but the “Humboldt Fog” (produced by a NorCal stoner) was pretty tasty.

Where the Wildflowers Are

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Zara Blazer (similar styles), Old Navy Top, AG “The Legging” Jeans, J.Crew Tote, Shoemint Flats, Banana Republic Necklace, Assorted Bangles & Bracelets (J.Crew, Gap, Vintage, random), Ray Ban Aviators (similar)


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Once a year Tampa residents and friends of Tampa residents dress like pirates, get hammered, and watch a parade (well, maybe watch a parade. Maybe dance to New Order in someone’s back yard. Maybe overpay a cab driver to take you to another County. Anything goes, I suppose). Well, this is what I wore. Looking back, I probably should have rocked some silly, printed pants, and a giant scarf on my head. Next year…


Psycho Bunny Sweater, Pinkyotto Collar, DIY “Jorts,” Hue Tights, Frye Jenna Boots, Mimi by Sorrelli Studded Cuff, Lagos Ring, MAC’s Ruby Woo Lipstick