February 14, 2013


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Note: this is my first Valentine’s Day as a singleton in MANY years. I’ve gotta say, it’s not too bad. Of course, I haven’t really left mi casa (rain, sinus congestion, tons of school work), or trolled FB, but still. Dad sent a divine flower arrangement to mum, who came down for a visit, and I’ve gotten several funny messages from the besties. :-)


J.Crew Sweater (2011), Gap Always Skinny Jeans, J.Crew Neon Fringed Necklace, Mimi by Sorrelli Cuff, Michael Kors Tote, Steve Madden Loafers, & Sama Glasses

*** I cannot seem to locate my camera’s battery charger, it’s dead, and I have not been able to purchase a new one, hence, the lack of posts. My number one goal this weekend is to find one, so I can begin sharing my “professional looks” with ya (started my first classroom observation this week!) ***

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